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Charters School

The Client

Charters School is a secondary and sixth form school with academy status, located in beautiful Sunningdale, Berkshire.  It first opened its doors in 1958, and in December 2006 and December 2009 it was graded 1 outstanding by OFSTED.   

The Challenge

Before IMS came onboard in 2017, the school had their cleaning provision in-house using legacy contracts. The provision was not working due to recruitment being an issue, along with poor shift patterns and a short operational window which resulted in a lack of industry recognized training.   At the initial meeting with the Business Manager, we listened carefully to their needs and concerns, and we were provided with clear and realistic goals to work to.  

It was decided that the best solution was to resource a company that could meet the school’s expectations and requirements, capable of the transition from in-house to outsourced cleaning.  IMS, local to the school with its headquarters based in Ascot, Charters were already aware of our vast experience in the cleaning industry.    

Our Solution

Our bold approach and suggestions were taken on board by the client, who believed that the cleaning provision would improve under our management, support & retraining of existing staff.  We decided that the best option was to treat the site as a commercial site introducing longer shifts, along with a better wage rate making it more of a lucrative package for all staff.   Shifts were also changed from mornings to evenings, staff were provided with uniforms and provided with full access to the school opening and locking up.  Some staff members were initially apprehensive of change but were reassured and encouraged by the new model throughout a thorough consultation process.

Full training in Health and Safety and COSHH was provided and staff continue to receive additional training and development.  We demonstrated our innovation as a Company with the introduction of a flexible and convenient eLearning tool, where staff can watch short training videos on all aspects related to cleaning. We also introduced a new dosage system which not only helps the environment but is also making cost savings for the Client.   The positive changes we made have increased employee morale and productivity.  The site is cleaned to a high standard, and there is an overall reduction in staff turnover, with some of our long-standing Cleaning Operatives working at the site since the beginning of the contract.

From day one the impact of hiring IMS was quickly noticed by the client.  The school provide consistent feedback to IMS Management, commenting that they are more than happy with the service and have greatly felt a site presence right from the offset.  They are pleased with our lines of communication, and our capability of cleaning the site to a such a high-level standard.

We fully understood that when we came onboard, the school had to change their cleaning regime and put their trust in us.  Through the appropriate lines of communication between IMS and the school, there has been continuous improvements in the standard of Cleaning from the offset.  The Account Manager been pivotal in day to day activities with staff, whilst having the support and dedication from senior operations management and the relationship with the school has gone from strength to strength.

This case study highlights our experience of successfully taking on new contracts and making the process as smooth as possible whilst demonstrating improved efficiencies at the site.   Please feel free to reach out to our clients, who will confirm that we do an excellent job and we are more than capable of providing a high-end service to matching the requirements of each individual client.

As a Company we are constantly reviewing processes, listening to our Clients and making continuous improvements to maintain a high standard of service, whilst maintaining a strong relationship with our Client.