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Sun Chemical

The Client

Sun Chemical is a member of the DIC Group, and it first opened its doors in the early 1800’s under the inspiring legacy of Lorilleux and Samuel Morrill.  The Company, with its Headquarters in America is one of the leading producers of printing inks, coatings and supplies, and application materials.

The Challenge

After visiting all national sites, and through open and honest discussions with Kim Wallace, Procurement Manager at Sun Chemical, IMS put together a robust proposal treating each site as its own entity. 

The sites are a combination of office and warehouse/ factory environment, the cleaning provision had been failing and Sun Chemical decided to retender for the cleaning service.  They were not only looking to improve standards, Health & Safety compliance, and communication but were also looking to make cost savings.  As we looked at each site individually, we concluded where the faults and issues were, and how IMS could rectify them.  

Our Solution

Our approach and suggestions were taken on board by the Client, who believed that our bold approach would ensure that the cleaning provision would improve under our Management, whilst falling in line with cost savings, which is why IMS was successful in winning the Tender.  IMS provided staff with new method’s, new equipment, new shifts and an increase of pay.  This has incentivised and motivated staff to share our ethos at IMS, whilst providing the best possible cleaning service.  KPI’s and SLA’s were agreed from the contract start date between Kim Wallace and Management at IMS.

A monthly audit system was set up to be carried out at each site, followed by a report providing feedback from the Client to IMS.  This system proved very effective from start date, with the client mentioning that improvements are already noticeable, and KPS’s and SLA’s have been met.

As well as a robust monthly audit, we have introduced quarterly meetings with the Client.  We recognize the importance of keeping the lines of communication open with our Client, to ensure that we as a Company are following through with their requirements and expectations, falling in line with the agreed SLA’s and KPI’s.

As we continue to receive excellent feedback from the Client, we endeavour to continue to retain this strong relationship.  We are constantly review processes, listening to their needs and engaging with their ideas in order to maintain and improve upon the rigorous practices, that are at the very heart of our service.