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New Contract Cleaning Services Website In Surrey!

We’re very pleased to announce a brand new website design on Insite Managed Services, which now showcases even more information about our cleaning services across retail, educational, leisure to office cleaning services.

Featuring our extensive expertise across many if our contract cleaning services, this brand new website design gives you the full scope of what we do for our clients, reveals our high commercial cleaning standards, to finding out more about us – this website has it all! 🙂

We’re really pleased with how it looks, and it’s a massive step up for us, which we really hope you enjoy too.

Here’s some of the pages which we’ve selected with the new design, which we encourage you to look through;

Our Services & Sectors

IMS Cleaning Services & Sectors reveals everything of what we do as a company, from Business Recovery Response, Retail cleaning to Office Cleaning.

Cleaning for clients such as ‘Air Canada’, ‘Blackberry’ and ‘Airworld’, we provide a high quality of cleaning, ensuring that all of our clients are extremely happy with our services.

View more about our Services & Sectors here.

Cleaning Management Systems

We value our management systems crucially, as this ensures we provide a client which a seamless and efficient cleaning service.

From our Managed Systems, training, environment to accreditation reveals how we class these important aspects of cleaning.

View more about our Management Systems here.

Find Out About IMS

Our About Us pages lets you find out who’s who within our great company, and if you don’t know much about us, this is the page we’ll advise your to visit if you want to know who’s who.

This also includes our Company Values, and what we stand for as a company, from being transparent with our accounts, success with our client relationships, and environmental and social responsibilities.

View more about our contract cleaning services & sectors here.

We hope you enjoy our brand new website design, and we look forward to updating about our progressive company to you on this blog!