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IMS discuss the impact of COVID-19 and meeting our client’s new requirements

We had been holding back on discussing the most talked about topic of the year, but as a commercial cleaning company we felt that we should share how we have adapted to the current situation in the last six months. There is no doubt, that 2020 has been a year of change for everyone and we are all learning to live to the new normal.

Maintaining a clean work environment and premises has always been important, and it is now more pertinent than ever and at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

We are constantly learning and adapting our lives to remain safe and well with COVID-19, whilst protecting one another. There are several ways to keep safe at work which we are sure everyone is now very familiar with, such as adhering to government guidelines, wearing masks, social distancing, and hand hygiene.

An extra measure is having a competent cleaning schedule in place at your site to help prevent the transmission of the disease. Regular cleaning needs to be of a high standard, and this gives peace of mind to all staff, stakeholders, and visitors that your premises is COVID-19 secure.

We appreciate that this has been a challenging time for all, and it is important as a business that we have responded constructively to change, whilst continuing to demonstrate our flexibility and cooperativeness to our clients’ needs. We have worked closely with our clients to modify and adapt some of our working practices to continue to support them, sometimes changing fundamentally how we operate to suit their needs.

Several of our clients have requested additional services such as daily cleaning focusing on disinfecting high touch point surfaces to increase visibility, as well as continuing our usual out of hours daily cleaning schedule.

We also have a further robust service with the use of fogging machines which is used as a preventative measure or because of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19.

There is a difference between killing bacteria and protecting against viruses by killing them through a disinfectant process.  Simple sanitisation will kill bacteria and standard sanitisers are certified to EN1276, however these products haven’t been tested to kill viruses.  Virus disinfectants need the certification of EN14476, this will then mean they will then provide disinfecting properties against viruses. It is important to know that standard sanitisers are not necessarily tested to EN14476, which then means they aren’t tested to kill viruses.

Therefore, we have worked hard with our suppliers to source appropriate chemicals that have been tested against coronavirus with high quality performance whilst still being Eco friendly.

Following this plan demonstrates to our clients that we have carried out the best possible practise to ensure the safety and confidence of returning personnel.

With the government announcement that all workplaces must make hand sanitising a new normal and asking business to comply by providing hand sanitising stations at entrances and circulation points throughout the premises, IMS have provided suitable PPE and hygiene products to our clients to ensure compliance.

Also, you now must hold a COVID-19 risk assessment on your site, and we can help with this by providing tailored risk assessments to clients. Our staff are fully trained on all aspects related to cleaning and the virus, and they are updated with COVID-19 related information and changes to Government guidance.

Like the general public we too are still learning about the virus as the information and instructions surrounding it is forever changing. We keep ourselves up to date with what is happening within the cleaning Industry, and the current pandemic by reading various cleaning news articles, correspondence with our associated cleaning bodies, along with the UK government guidelines.

Keeping positive is key throughout the situation and not getting consumed with negative news, but we do recommend it is sensible to keep up to date with UK government guidelines by using credible sources.

We have taken on new business in the last six months of businesses and schools who had felt they were unsupported throughout the pandemic and required further assistance.

If you need to improve your cleaning provision to ensure that your facility is COVID-19 secure, then we would love to hear from you and to discuss further.

Please fill out our Get in touch form or contact us on 01344 845000.

We look forward to speaking with you.