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How we work

How we work

The nuts and bolts of how we deliver our services means that IMS provide an augmented service provision tailor made to your facility to give you peace of mind that we will dot the i’s and cross the t’s.





Health & Safety

Management Systems



IMS are constantly striving to introduce innovative solutions to improve service delivery, productivity, and our impact on the environment.

We ensure that we are at the forefront of any developments within the cleaning sector having formed partnerships with equipment specialists, attending industry events and working closely with associated bodies.

Management Systems

Working predominately as a remote workforce we require a solution that ensures efficiency and effectiveness with real time reporting and scheduling for our staff and clients.

Using bespoke industry software CleanLink we are able to streamline our management systems for all of our workforce that ensures we maintain and deliver satisfactory standards and above continuously for our clients.

All of our Account Managers are issued with tablets which allows them to monitor the performance of our contracts through management systems and gives them every relevant detail on every account, even though they are managers who are often field based.


IMS look to purchase brand new equipment on the award of all new clients as our investment in the contract which includes a regular maintenance and PAT testing schedule.

The use of brand-new equipment will not only help with improving standards and productivity but will also greatly aid our staff on site in their tasks in what is a tough manual labour-intensive role.


Our commitment to engage with our workforce that predominately work remotely means that we continuously look at innovative solutions to promote a community within our company.

One area that we have implemented a major change is the introduction of our eLearning Training for our employees covering all elements of cleaning tasks and service levels.

All staff receive weekly training videos followed by a small Q&A which is logged and monitored by our Training Development & Quality Co-ordinator Julia Rawlings.


IMS recognise the importance of a full training programme to assist our staff in carrying out their tasks to the very best standard and follow safe working practises to do so.

As part of our commitment to our workforce we invest in various training schemes and development opportunities. All cleaning staff are provided with British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) Operative Proficiency Training, which represents an industry recognised qualification.

Our Senior Operations Manager is a certified assessor with the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) and has certificates for levels 1 &2.

We carry out various types of training for all employees and provide continuous programmes throughout the year.  

Induction Training

All IMS employees will receive induction training on their first day carried out by the Area Manager. A training record is produced, and the new starter completes the tasks and signs to indicate they have understood and completed the training. All employees are issued with a staff handbook.

eLearning Training

At Insite Managed Services, we have recently partnered with one of our major suppliers and introduced a flexible and convenient on-board ‘eLearning tool’, which keeps our Cleaning Operatives proficient on all aspects related to cleaning.

A weekly training ‘mytraining’ video is emailed to our Cleaning Operatives, and it can be completed at their own pace with no disruption to cleaning schedules.  Designed to be used by all, it is easily accessible on mobiles with no pens or paper required.  The video lasts less than three minutes, followed with three short questions at the end, covering various basics of cleaning including:

  • COSHH Training
  • Colour Coding
  • Cross Contamination
  • Health & Safety
  • Care of Equipment
  • Kitchen and Washroom Training
  • Best Practice
  • Customer Service Training

IMS embraces a multicultural and diverse workforce, and although the video is in English it can be subtitled in several other languages if required.

Our Training, Development & Quality Co-ordinator, Julia Rawlings monitors a log by pulling a report identifying which employees have started or finished their training.   Tracking the training in this way also helps us to identify where improvements or additional training from Account Managers may be necessary.  Employees are emailed a certificate for modules when they have been completed.

Our hard-working staff are highly valued at IMS, and we have dramatically upped our game by introducing this fantastic eLearning Tool.  We are committed to providing the best possible resources, ensuring that we continue to deliver a ‘high level’ standard of cleaning to all our clients.

Cleaning Health and Safety

We separate Health and Safety training into two main sections. The cleaning industry offers up lots of potential hazards that are highlighted in the method training, however we ensure for the safety of the staff member and protection of our client’s personnel and premises we focus on method safety as a separate tool. We include for example:

  • ‘Cleaning in progress’ signage
  • Trailing leads
  • Wet floors
  • Potential hazards in waste containers i.e. sharps
  • Correct PPE for each tasks
  • The importance of colour coding
  • Safe manual handling

Site specific Health and Safety training

Our staff work out various different locations across the South East and no two premises are exactly the same or have the same site procedures.

We engage with our client’s facilities department and the Health and Safety department to ensure our staff are fully aware of their roles and responsibility when it comes to working in their environment.

IMS work across various sectors of industry so it is important to recognise the bespoke site rules for each client and that our operatives adhere to our client’s procedures, for example a warehouse at London Heathrow has vastly different Site Operating Procedures (SOPs) than one of our pharmaceutical clients in Camberley.

Items in the training module include:

  • Site rules and regulations
  • Site Operating Procedures
  • Fire evacuation procedures
  • First aid procedures and identifying first aiders
  • Accident reporting
  • Maintenance malfunction reporting


As a responsible company, IMS recognise that our activities (operations, products and services) have a wider impact and contribution to society.

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Policy allows us to deliver benefits to both our clients and ourselves.

IMS received accreditation ISO14001:2008 for our approved environmental systems. This accreditation provides our client the peace of mind that IMS has control of all our management systems and adhere to the company’s Environmental Policy.

All our procedures are subject to an annual audit by an external, independent organisation and is the responsibility of our operations team along with our Environment Manager that a pass with distinction is achieved each year.

We are absolutely committed to continuously improve our environmental standards, by focusing on reducing the carbon emissions on a daily basis.

We feel passionately about working together with our clients to achieve environmental targets.

This is by applying factors that help to reduce costs and increase cost-efficiency as well as improve internal and external relations through a commitment to community services, staffing policies and customer services.

As we feel passionately about this, we conduct ourselves within these policies;

  • ISO 14001 accredited
  • Assist in the ‘Zero to Landfill’ scheme
  • Materials chosen with environmental impact in mind
  • Recycling of waste policy
  • Assistance of clients in achieving legislative environmental targets

IMS’s staff and management are excited about changing attitudes and being part of projects to reach targets of making the workplace a more environmentally compatible and sustainable place in which to spend the day.

We aim to use the very best eco-friendly chemicals and work with materials and equipment to compliment the modern workplace and state of the art commercial furniture.

Our chemical supplier is SELDON which is a world leader in producing the very best clean chemicals on the market.

We are able to assist in new projects of recycling etc. proposed by our clients, however we also take the issue seriously in house and are conscious of the type of products we are buying and ultimately using to clean our clients facility.


The quality of our cleaning service makes us unique and a cut above the rest. Clients use our service for our attention to detail alone. We have numerous quality management systems in place to make sure your requirements are always met.

We work very closely with our existing clients and customers to ensure the highest quality of cleaning on a consistent basis and have been accredited to ISO 9001:2015 standards.  Our continuous goal as a cleaning company is client satisfaction and contract retention, always striving for the best cleaning service.

With all of this in place, we have implemented an effective and modernised quality cleaning management systems that ensures our cleaning services are the best in the industry.

Working effortlessly between clients and ourselves, we have an account management system in place that is outstanding; ensuring high quality training, technology, and work life balance to ensure our employees are the best and happiest in the industry.

Our account management team will take ownership of the day to day cleaning operation and ensure we exceed our client’s expectation of the required standard.

From the commencement of the contract we will agree SLA’s and KPI’s with our client’s representative which will form part of our monthly audit programme carried out using industry leading software CleanLink.

IMS management of our staff is fundamental in getting the high standards we promise. Our area account managers and on site supervisors are in their position to carry out effective check lists, monitor the standards, check methods and procedures, but also to support our working colleagues and listen to any concerns that might arise either within the workplace or of a personal nature.

As a collective IMS provide our client’s with a value for money without compromising quality or service.

Our aim is to add value to our client’s organisation and provide a clean and hygienic working environment for the stakeholders and visitors.

Health & Safety

Insite Managed Services cares about our employees and are dedicated to their health and safety.

Failure to meet these requirements by law can result in large ramifications to our company, which is why we take this moral and legal responsibility seriously. We ensure that our employees, anyone affected by our work, or anyone present on our sites, are safe within the workplace. Our experienced management team conduct Risk & COSHH Assessments, who evaluate the risks to health, and take required actions to reduce or remove particular risks.

With our efficient training schemes, communicative management structure, and relationships with our employees, we are also to adhere to the Health & Safety of our employees.

Everyone that works for us has access to a COSHH folder, which is on every site, and also email COSHH sheets via email. We list crucial information on chemicals, risk assessment, working practises and instructions for other Health & Safety precautions. With the COSHH folders on site, we also provide a copy of the British Institute of Cleaning Science training manual. This is a manual which provides our cleaners with written and visual method statements.

IMS carry out various training regimes, as well as method training we carry out a separate classroom and demonstration style workshop in how to carry out all tasks safely; all staff accepts their responsibilities to work safely within our client’s domain.

We also focus on the clients premises and ensure that all the site instructions, i.e. fire exits form part of our staff awareness programme. Our clients Health & Safety procedures are stringently followed and we confirm that using warning signs is part of the safe practice expected across the company at IMS.

  • Monthly management meetings to discuss the audit and service delivery all documented
  • Adhering to the company’s quality policy ad manual in line with our accreditation ISO 9001

Management Systems

We have an experienced management structure to suit any cleaning requirement and we inspect and audit every site managed by us, and use our experienced management systems to make sure we do this to the best of our ability.

Working with the biggest brands in the world, we have received various types of accreditation for our quality and proficiency of cleaning standard and working practices, as we feel passionately about the quality of our work and how we do it.

We’re dedicated to our accreditations and associations with leading cleaning bodies, as this is what makes us a professional contract cleaning company.

IMS currently boast the following accreditations and associations:-

Our cleaning contracts are all managed, monitored and audited to the highest standards, which ensures that our cleaning is the best it can be. We realise we are fully accountable for the standards of cleaning, and these processes guarantees this. We have worked hard and invested in our cleaning management systems, so we always deliver the exceptional cleaning service that we expect.

We regularly attend the Cleaning Show in London and Manchester, so we’re always on top of the cleaning industry; using the latest innovation and technology.

We use the latest cleaning software CleanLink to enhance your cleaning services, from payroll, ordering cleaning materials to audits.


With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting us all, IMS have been working tirelessly through extensive research, resource, investment and training to ensure that we have supported our staff and clients to the full extent.

Our preparations since the outbreak are geared around the government’s and World Health Organisations guidelines, ensuring a safe working environment in which people can feel comfortable returning to their place of work.

IMS have been on hand to assist our clients in adhering to the new requirements around returning and also in providing an augmented service provision through various means tailor made to your facility.

Below we will highlight the solutions, supplies, chemicals and equipment that we have implemented and provide our clients with peace of mind in regard to providing a sanitised environment.

Pre-return clean

To follow best practise, we recommend a two-phase approach to preparing your environment for a return.

  1. We will carry out a full sanitisation clean by hand to all offices (open plan and individual), meeting rooms, washrooms, kitchen areas and circulation areas.
  2. Following a deep sanitisation clean we will carry out a disinfectant electrostatic (fogging) process to ensure we have reached all surfaces.


We have invested in specialist equipment to guarantee best results and our research has culminated in the use of SANEX compact sanitisers by COMAC. A versatile piece of equipment that can be adapted to different environments, which sanitises by producing nebulized detergents that are evenly distributed and are longer lasting, sealing to complete the sanitisation, disinfecting process.


There is a difference between killing bacteria and protecting against viruses by killing them through a disinfectant process.

Simple sanitisation will kill bacteria and standard sanitisers are certified to EN1276, however these products haven’t been tested to kill viruses.  Virus disinfectants need the certification of EN14476, this will then mean they will then provide disinfecting properties against viruses. It is really important to know that standard sanitisers aren’t necessarily tested to EN14476, which then means they aren’t tested to kill viruses.

We have worked hard with our suppliers to source a chemical, TRIPLE 8 PROTECT BIO WASHROOM SANITISER, ULTRA CLEAN and TRIPLE 8 PROTECT BIO ALL PURPOSE SANITISER. These products have been tested against coronavirus with high quality performance whilst still being Eco friendly.

Following this plan will demonstrate that you have carried out the best possible practise to ensure the safety and confidence of returning personnel.

Increased specification

It is clearly obvious that the cleaning industry will be in demand following this awful virus. Businesses will be expected to ‘up their game’ in terms of working with their cleaning service provider. There has already been a requirement from our clients to increase hours of input and an ongoing daily sanitisation specification being carried out throughout the day, concentrating on the touch points and circulation areas.

We can discuss the provision of this service to find the best bespoke results for you and your domain.


With the government announcement that all workplaces must make hand sanitising a new normal and asking business to comply by providing hand sanitising stations at entrances and circulation points throughout the premises, IMS are able to provide a Hand Sanitiser Column that is very stable and is perfect to be placed in areas of high traffic.

The sanitising gel is dispensed HANDS FREE, the gel being released by placing your hand underneath and activating a sensor that dispenses a pre-set quantity of gel in to the palm of your hand, avoiding excess and mess, although a drip tray is incorporated in to the design.

Made from painted steel, all parts are sanitisable and the dispenser is refillable.


In accordance with our company’s quality procedures, we are also able to provide the following documentation:-

Policy Statement – COVID-19

Risk Assessment – COVID-19

Staff Training – COVID-19

Safe System of Work – COVID-19