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New Leisure Cleaning Contract In Wallington, Surrey – Fit 4 Less

Insite Managed Services is proud to announce a brand new leisure cleaning contract with ‘Fit 4 Less’, a local based gym and leisure centre in the heart of Wallington, Surrey.

This is a fantastic new adventure for us – to provide the gym with a reliable, effective and high standard of cleaning for their gym members, staff and visitors.

With our extensive experience within the leisure and gym cleaning industry, management systems and cleaning training, we’re really pleased with this important announcement.

Within the leisure and gym industry in particular, it’s paramount that cleaning is taken seriously, as any gym can be a gold mine for cross contamination and bacteria. With our cleaning services, we eradicate this and provide gym users and staff with a clean environment to work and exercise in.

If you own a gym, or you work within the leisure industry, or any other industry like commercial to retail, and want to step up your cleaning requirements, be sure to get in contact with us at any time, we’ll love to hear from you.

With our experienced leisure cleaning services, we’re confident we can provide an exceptional cleaning service for you.

It’ll be great if we can arrange a quick 10 minute appointment to discuss how our cleaning service can help make your office, facility or gym shine, which we’re confident we can provide.

Give us a quick email and say hello to us by clicking on this link.

New Cleaning Contract