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IMS attend The Manchester Cleaning Show 2020 Virtual Event

As a cleaning company we like to keep ourselves informed and up to date with current news, new products and innovative ideas within the industry. This year the Manchester Cleaning Show was slightly different, and it was held as a virtual event due to COVID-19.

It was a well organised event with a wide range of exhibitors, conference sessions and keynote speakers. The speakers were highly knowledgeable throughout their vast experience within the cleaning industry and there were a few who stood out for us from the event.

Lorcan Mekitarian, General Manager at Berry BPI and Chairman of the CHSA spoke about the increase of plastic usage since the start of the pandemic, as we saw home deliveries of groceries exponentially grow, and the use of plastic carrier bags reinstated to protect items and delivery drivers. Unfortunately, most of this waste ends up in our oceans ravaging our marine life.

Chris Ryan, Head of International Business at BICSc and Nicky Biggart, UK janitorial sales manager spoke about the importance of selecting the correct cleaning products and chemicals to protect against COVID-19. The difference between cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting was explained and Nicky also spoke about the importance of the use of the chemical EN14476, a chemical which has gone through the appropriate testing before use and deemed effective in killing viruses by The European Safety Standard.

Paul Thrupp, Chairman of the British Cleaning Council, spoke about the cleaning sectors role throughout the pandemic and the major role the industry plays in the fight against the virus. He mentioned that the demand for cleaning stock has increased along with chemicals and PPE. Paul also noted that since the start of the pandemic, there has been a lot of misconceptions about what you clean and how you clean it. He said it comes down to good basic hygiene, and the importance of thorough cleaning is crucial, sanitisation is an addition to cleaning once it has been completed.

He went onto mention that he is tremendously proud of all the cleaners in the industry, and the recognition and appreciation for what they do really is at the highest levels he has ever seen, in all his forty years of experience within the industry.

There is a useful methodology statement on the British Cleaning Council website which was published earlier this year. As a company we found it to be particularly useful, it clarifies the different cleaning processes and how to effectively carry out the correct procedures at the right times, ensuring that staff, visitors and the public stay safe and well on sites.

At IMS we are learning and adapting to change all the time, and we would like to think that we have evolved through what might have been a challenging year for some, and we look forward to what 2021 brings.