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IMS carry out presentation to school ‘Eco Committee’

We were thrilled as a company to be invited to one of our local school clients to provide a presentation to them on the environment.  The invitation was to speak to their ‘Eco Committee’ about the new products IMS are using to help the environment.  We not only spoke to the children about what IMS are doing, but also about how they can help to reduce single use plastics and recycle in their school and homes.

Louise Carter at IMS who was recently promoted to HR Training, Health & Safety Coordinator and Claire Murphy who works in Sales and Marketing surpassed themselves on putting together a presentation at short notice and provided the 30-minute talk to the school last week.  Both ladies felt extremely honoured to be representing the company.  The talk was to a friendly, inquisitive and enthusiastic group of children aged 4 to 7, currently working on an ‘Eco Project’ for the school.

Louise and Claire talked about how IMS have recently changed our cleaning product to a fantastic eco-friendly product range called ‘Triple 8’.  By using this dosage system, we will be diluting chemicals at the point of use and sourcing water locally which minimises carbon emission and chemical wastage.  Re-using the same spray bottle will also help to reduce plastic packaging, compared with using ready-made chemicals.  We explained in detail to the group of how this new product helps the environment, see some points below which were discussed on the ‘Triple 8’ product:

  • Prior to IMS using the new dosing system product, we would have used 10 bottles of cleaning product a month in a school such as the one we visited, a total usage of 120 plastic bottles a year.
  • We now use 1 bottle of chemical which is diluted in water and this makes up to 100 spray bottles.
  • To sum it up, the plastic and chemical usage has been reduced to 2 bottles of chemical and 2 spray bottles which lasts the entire year!
  • At the end of the year, we then reuse the previous year’s spray bottles.

Below are some more topics from the presentation which were discussed:

  • Where our rubbish goes and how landfill sites are destroying our countryside.
  • Why it is so important to recycle.
  • How IMS are helping the environment not just at our client’s sites, but also have measures in place at our office to reduce waste.
  • We spoke about what other companies are doing to help.
  • Lastly, we asked the children to list some items that they could recycle at the school and in their homes.

The talk was finished by the ladies at IMS thanking the school for inviting them, each of the children were awarded with a fun ‘word search’ from IMS to take home with them.  The School Business Manager and teacher who were both present on the day thanked IMS for visiting the school, stating how it greatly benefited the children and how much everyone enjoyed it.

Louise and Claire on their return to the office stated “We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the school today, they were such a lovely group of children.  We felt honoured to represent the company and we are delighted to be involved in the schools Eco project”.

The teacher present at the talk emailed feedback shortly after to us:

‘Dear Claire,

Thank you for coming to our school today and talking to our Eco Warriors about how your company is helping to save the environment and reduce the amount of plastic you are using.  All the children found it very interesting and are keen to feedback to their classes ‘

Neil Webb, Managing Director at IMS stated “At Insite Managed Services, we are extremely focused on taking positive steps to help the environment.  I felt proud and extremely honoured that we were invited to speak at the school. Louise and Claire did a brilliant presentation, it is fantastic that the children feel as passionate as we do about helping the environment”.

While it is impossible to eliminate waste completely from our lives, we like to think that we are leading the way by implementing changes and enjoy spreading a positive message and visiting schools. It is rewarding to engage with children from an early age, knowing that we are helping them to learn why protecting the environment is so important.

If you would like to work with a Commercial Cleaning Company who use eco-friendly products or perhaps enquire about our presentation which we recently provided to the school, please do get in touch on 01344 845000.

We would love to hear from you.